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February 2019

Jesse looking like a boss crouching in a lane with an axe

30 second chat with Jesse – #throwlikeagirl

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“I was looking for a gun range to work at as I used to shoot at targets for fun. Axe throwing came up and there were jobs going and I was like ‘f**k yeah’. I stalked Whistle Punks on social media. On the Youtube channel I saw a video of one of the other instructors, Sarah, throwing and she was the same size and build as me and it made me think ‘I can do this’.

My first-time axe throwing I was terrible and because I was so bad I wanted to be really good. I worked at it and practised a lot and got better. Though even now I still learn from other instructors and I get to teach them new things, it’s a very collaborative environment.
Axe throwing is great because it’s an escape from university. It requires focus, so when I’m axe throwing, that’s all I’m thinking about. I’m quite a busy person so being able to focus on one thing and forget everything else is great.”

Looking like badasses at our throw down.

Axe throwing is empowering: the reasons our instructors enjoy axe throwing.

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As part of our ongoing #throwlikeagirl campaign, where we are trying to reclaim the term to show the world how awesome our instructors and axe throwers are, we spoke to some of Whistle Punks’ female instructors about what they enjoy most about axe throwing.

Yanthe (Vauxhall): Axe throwing is unique and really empowering. I know that I can win an axe-throwing match against someone twice my size. It doesn’t matter how big someone is because axe throwing isn’t about strength and size, it’s all about technique.

Andrea (Manchester): I like the challenge of landing different throws. I love that me and the other girls the work for Whistle Punks are beating the stereotype about axe throwing being a “man’s thing”. It’s great when someone comes in and is genuinely shocked and impressed that I can throw.

Elysia (Manchester): The satisfaction of hitting the board is great and I enjoy mastering new axe throwing techniques. I love that axe throwing is all about momentum and technique, and not power. We often get women come in who aren’t confident or think they’ll lose. I tell every single woman that comes in that it’s all about technique. And then when you see them succeed, it’s really satisfying.

Jesse (Vauxhall): I’m a big fan of using weapons in a controlled way. I like training and using them appropriately and of course, throwing axes at targets. I used to train and compete with HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and my preferred weapon was the longsword.

Sarah (Vauxhall): As an instructor, there is nothing more satisfying than when a customer sinks their first axe and you see their excitement.  As a thrower, it’s nice to be good at something that is a little unexpected.

We think aside from being awesome, they are all highly skilled and passionate about axe throwing, they are the reason that we encourage people to throw like a girl.

Next time we’ll be talking about why some people who come axe throwing aren’t confident and the ways that our instructors help them get their swagger.

Jesse, throwing an axe down lane.


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Ok, we know what you’re thinking. At Whistle Punks we are aware of the general stereotype of an axe thrower.

When people hear axe thrower they tend to think of flannel shirts and beanies, hipsters with man buns and beards and beer. The biggest generalisation about axe throwers that we hear is that all axe throwers are male.

The axe throwing industry is male-dominated but there are kick-ass women who are smashing it in axe throwing. We are also trying to get more women interested in the sport of axe throwing and change the perception of axe throwers to encompass all of the awesome and diverse instructors and customers at Whistle Punks.

We believe that axe throwing should be open to all people, regardless of age, ability, gender or any other dividing factor. And we want all people to feel welcome.

Over the next few months, we are celebrating our female staff with our new campaign #throwlikeagirl.
The campaign will showcase our female instructor’s incredible skills, we will chat with them about what they enjoy about axe throwing and much more. They will be showing that axe throwing is open to all.