Urban axe throwing

Urban axe throwing?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. We’ve taken the axe throwing out of the woodland and brought it into the city. Wrapped in a vibrant venue, expertly hosted by kick-ass instructors and backed up with a suitably pumping soundtrack. In no time at all you’ll be throwing axes and competing against your friends or colleagues, you’d better practice those celebrations!

So, it’s your first time?

Right on partner, all of our sessions are designed for first-timers. Don’t worry, we’ll be gentle with you and before the session is finished you’ll be sinking axes like a pro!


How does it work?

Once your session starts, our trusty instructors will demonstrate how to safely and successfully throw an axe and then it’s your turn.

You’ll be given one to one tips and coaching to make sure you’re sinking steel in no time.

Now it’s tournament time, each lane has a tournament with players competing against each other for ultimate the glory, our instructors will still be right there with you if you need more pointers.

Once we’ve crowned a winner we celebrate with everyone else.

Point system

OK, this bit is important. Check out the images below to see how you're going to throw your way to glory!

1 point

3 points

5 points

7 points

"After a hard day at the office there is no better way to ease the stress quite like loosening your tie, taking a deep breath and hurling an axe down a lane."

The Times



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