CoRporate hirE

Your team away day with a difference

Be the office hero

Assemble the team, talk some smack and beat them at axe throwing! Whistle Punks offers a corporate away day with a difference, nothing beats the feeling of taking down Geoff from accounts with a last minute bulls-eye.


Can we book outside of offered times?

Sure you can, we only require 2 weeks notice and a minimum of 2 lanes to be booked for us to arrange this. Get in touch at the bottom of the page and we’ll make it happen.

Can we have the entire venue to ourselves?

Yes, all bookings arranged outside of the regular session times are private. Alternatively, you can purchase the entire allocated tickets for a regular session (50 London, 40 Manchester & 60 Bristol)

Is my H&S Officer going to sign off on this?

If they know what’s good for them! We can provide you with copies of our liability insurance and risk assessments upon request. Get in touch below.

Do you offer food and drink?

We offer light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks at this time, check out our menus on our location pages

Session Format

Safety briefing

We’ll give you a safety briefing, loosen you up and get you into an urban axe throwing mood.

How to throw

We teach you how to sling an axe like a boss, giving individual coaching to hone your technique.

Game time

Then once you’re happily smashing targets we’ll throw you straight into a tournament.

Crown the winner

We’ll crown the tournament winner and celebrate with everyone else.

Host a team building day

Competition provides a healthy platform from which a team can build and improve relationships between their colleagues and what better competition is there than axe throwing?

The activity is designed so that everyone can pick it up quickly but it is still difficult enough to keep people entertained for hours at a time. This adds to the feelings of comradery and helps with motivating your team members. They will feel closer to each other as they fail in similar ways and they will celebrate each other’s successes.

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