What are the Whistle Punks league players like?

League community

A while ago we interviewed a few of our league players and one of the questions we asked them was ‘What were the other league members like?’

Here are their answers:


There is a lot of support and encouragement between the league members. There are always people cheering you on when you’re competing or if you land a difficult trick-shot or manage to accurately smash a seven-pointer again and again. It’s great having that comradery, and a sense of belonging. Everyone is included in this WhatsApp group we have, and we keep in touch regularly and plan events away from axe-throwing too. The staff are always really helpful too. Some days you might come in and the axes just aren’t falling right, but they will always make sure you start nailing bullseyes after a bit.


We’ve all bonded through a mutual love of axe-throwing. It’s a unique sport because there are lots of different personalities from varied backgrounds, and we spend one evening a week competing, catching up and having fun. It’s great. It feels like an alternatively popular sport, and that’s why it attracts so many people.


We think it’s brilliant because it attracts so many different types of people. I used to take part in roller derby as a sport and that was similar too. There are members from various walks of life, all friendly, but all share a similar craziness in a way that brings us together through axe throwing.


There’s a real mix of people. There are teachers, university researchers, some who are part way through PhDs, tattoo artists, chemists and so on. It attracts a varied following, and everyone feels welcome to come and join in. There’s even a Whatsapp group we use to keep in touch with one another and plan activities together outside of axe-throwing.

Another thing they all said when we asked them what they would tell people who are considering joining the axe throwing league is to just do it. You won’t regret it.

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