How to do a two handed throw with an axe

Two handed axe throwing

Last time we checked out how to do a one-handed axe throw. This time we are taking a look at the two-handed throw. In many ways, the two-handed throw is easier than the one-handed throw. Our marketing executive almost exclusively throws two-handed.

two handed throw part 1
two handed throw part 2
two handed throw part 3
Stand behind the throwing line with your feet close together. When you throw you will want to be balanced.
Place two hands on the axe with the thumb of your top hand going up the haft
Raise the axe above your head. Make sure you don’t hit yourself in the head because that hurts.
two handed axe throw part 4
two handed axe throw part 5
two handed axe throw part 6
Make sure the axe is in the middle of your body and you are facing where you want the axe to go.
Shift your weight on to your front foot and bring the axe out to the front at the same time. You will need to step forward with enough force to get the axe to the target
Release the axe in the direction you want it to go.
two handed axe throw part 7
two handed axe throw part 8
Remember your arm is doing the aiming and the power comes from the step.
Smash a bullseye!

Now you know the basic steps for nailing the two-handed axe throw but our instructors will be able to tailor the throw to suit your needs.

Here’s a video on throwing a two-handed throw.