Top 7 Places to eat after Whistle Punks London

Top places to eat in London

After Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing there is nothing better than a good drink or snack, check out our top 7 places to eat in Vauxhall after axe throwing goodness.

Brunswick House

Seasonal British dishes on daily menu, served amid mismatched recycled furniture with a design edge. Brunswick House is one of our favourite places to have drink post-throwing, it’s just around the corner from the Vauxhall venue and not only does it have an amazing selection of drinks but it also boasts a fantastic food menu.

It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s perfect if you have a spare hour to kill, taking a date out for a special night or pretending to Mum that you aren’t struggling for money and by going out you won’t be eating 2 minute noodles for the rest of the month.

The decor is amazingly eclectic, a jumble of lights and chandeliers hang from the ceiling and mirrors line one side of the room. It’s like eating in an antique shop.

Our marketing executive raves about their Buckwheat pancakes to pretty much anyone who will listen but he has an obsession with all things breakfast related so…

Check them out here:

Vauxhall Griffin

Independent, traditionally-styled pub focused on real ales and simple grub, with a signature burger.

We have only been here for a drink so we can’t comment on the food but it always smells lovely. They have a great selection of craft beers, pleasant staff and an brilliant atmosphere. It’s warm and cozy and being away from the main street generally means it is a little quieter than other pubs in the area.
It’s the perfect place for a quiet pint after building up a thirst axe throwing.

Black Dog Freeshouse - places to eat in London

The Black Dog Freehouse

Local pub with a rustic vibe, an open kitchen and a dramatic stained-glass arch behind the bar.

The Black Dog Freehouse is hands-down one of the best pubs and places to eat around. They have a daily changing menu based around seasonal vegetables which is always on point. We can not recommend the food from here enough.

The stained glass arch behind the bar is epic and is a fitting tribute to the building’s old status as a glass factory. It also has huge windows which are perfect to people watch from when your tinder date starts talking about their ex.

Other pro’s of the Black Dog Freehouse include the friendly staff, the great atmosphere and a huge selection of drinks (they have a great range of ales and we are reliably informed that the wine list is very good as well). Check it out if you want a great meal in a friendly setting.

Find them here:

Mumbai Delight

Smart, intimate restaurant with a menu of classic regional dishes plus cocktails and mocktails.

‘Top 2 curries I have had in London,’ is a direct quote from our marketing executive, a self-described Indian food buff – he is as tedious as you are imagining.

Mumbai Delight is a small restaurant with amazing food. The menu is smaller than most as it focuses on fresh and well-made dishes. Each dish is cooked and seasoned to perfection, the chefs really knows how to make amazing Indian food. What’s better? The vegetarian/vegan mains are actually made well so they aren’t ridiculously spicy as you get in many Indian Restaurants.

The staff are really friendly and helpful, they all had a constant smile and the service was fast despite how busy it was.

For great Indian Food, get down here:

Vauxhall Street Food Garden

An intimate garden oasis set amongst the bustling urban hub of Vauxhall.

Vauxhall Street Food Garden has the finest gourmet street food on rotation with craft beer, cocktails & more, what more do we need to say?

We would suggest waiting for summer to head down but it is perfect for a lunch or early dinner during the summer. The stalls change every couple of weeks so it can be luck of the draw what you will get but we have yet to be disappointed.

Check them out here:

Places to eat in London

Pop Art Sushi

Fresh fish from round the world is used in the sushi at this modern venue with an Italian wine list.

Born out of our love for pop art, Italian wines and sushi, Pop Art Sushi is the most exciting place in London for sushi lovers. They source fish from around the world to create their brilliant sushi menu. It is one of the best places in London for great sushi and a quirky atmosphere. They have an excellent selection of drinks if you are looking to destress even further.

Check them out here:

Bonnington Cafe

Quirky spot in community gardens for vegetarian/vegan lunches and candlelit dinners with set menu.

The Bonnington Café is a cooperatively run vegetarian and vegan restaurant in the Bonnington Square Community Centre in the heart of Vauxhall. They have different cooks for different days and set prices for the meals. Bonnington Cafe is one of those rare places that still has a sense of community and actually cares about their neighbours and customers. For excellent vegan and vegetarian food you can’t go wrong with the Bonnington Cafe.

Check them out here: