Top 6 Christmas Presents for Axe Throwing Enthusiasts

The Christmas Season has begun it’s inevitable approach, bringing with it cold weather, woolly jumpers and red noses.

It’s the time of year that you need to start thinking about what to buy for your loved ones to open on Christmas day.

At the speed with which Axe Throwing is growing in popularity, many axey people will be writing their Christmas lists hoping that the Big Man in red brings down their chimney a gift that amplifies their passion for axe throwing.

Here’s our top 6 Christmas presents that any Whistle Punk would love to find under their tree on Christmas Day.

A Peeled Mouse Custom Axe

Top 6 christmas presents for axe throwers

The list starts off with the most obvious gift for axe throwers. A beautiful custom axe from Peeled Mouse.

Stephen Hill at Peeled Mouse is an incredibly talented man, creating beautiful and bespoke axes.
We’d all get AXECITED about a Peeled Mouse Axe if we saw it poking out of our stocking on Christmas morning. It is definitely at the top of our Christmas list.

The Whistle Punks League Champions win a Peeled Mouse Custom Axe. We spend all day drooling over the Peeled Mouse axes in the venue waiting to be won.
Click the link below if you’re interested in checking out some of Stephen’s work on Facebook or Instagram.

Whistle Punks Gift Certificates

Give the gift of axe-throwing this Christmas.

What could be better than that?

We sell gift certificates in our venues and on our website. Whistle Punks Gift certificates range from £25 up to £58, so shout a loved one (or two) to come and hurl axes with Whistle Punks.
You can use a gift certificate to throw at any Whistle Punks venue on any day of the week. We have one in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Grab a gift certificate here.

Whistle Punks Hoodie

top 6 christmas presents for axe throwers

Possessing a Whistle Punks Hoodie is a rite of passage for Whistle Punks instructors. These hoodies are only earned after completing a LOT of training.

Stay cosy and wear the Whistle Punks logo with pride in your new pull-over or zip-up versions of the hoodie.

Axe Throwers Mug

If a custom axe from Peeled Mouse, a Whistle Punks hoodie or an axe-throwing gift certificate isn’t enough to show your love for urban axe throwing, one of the fastest growing and most exciting urban sports, then why not say it with a mug?

Picture this. It’s a cold, winter morning and your fingers are clutching a steaming mug of coffee. This isn’t any old mug. This is a mug that shouts your passion to the world. It’s an axe-throwing mug.
Enjoy your hot drinks with the satisfaction that you’ll be broadcasting your love and passion for axe-throwing with every sip you take.

Small Axe Viking Game

During last years secret Santa, one of our staff specifically requested this from his secret gift giver. Despite it being a little over our £10 budget, we checked it out and we really REALLY want one.

It is axe throwing on a miniature desktop version. With a small cross-section of a tree trunk as a target, the game gives you tiny double-bit axes as ammunition. As long as your aim is true it is the best and most satisfying way to indulge in the sport of axe throwing (other than actual axe throwing, of course) when you’re desperate for your fix between our opening times.

Steel Toe Boots!

top 6 christmas presents for axe throwers

For those looking to enjoy the sport whilst staying safe at the same time (health and safety for the win) steel toe boots are an essential part of the axe-throwers ensemble.

There is a common misconception that to be an axe-thrower you need to wear plaid shirts and have a big, thick, bushy beard; yet the one thing that is always missing but most valid is a pair of steel-toed boots.

When you visit our venues, you’ll notice that all our instructors will be rocking their ‘steelies’. Safety comes first in the world of axe-throwing, so steel toe boots are a necessity when taking up the sport.

If you plan on gifting someone a Peeled Mouse Axe for Christmas, make sure they open a pair of steelies first, and then it’s much safer to give them the axe (just a friendly top tip from Whistle Punks).

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Written by Ben Cross