• Luke


    Luke loves meeting and talking to new and different people at Whistle Punks. His favourite throw is two axes at once.

  • Lewis


    As well as a Whistle Punk, Lewis is a climbing instructor and disc jockey. He gets a kick out of the joy on players faces when it all goes just right... when they achieve something they never thought was possible.

  • Charlie

    Assistant Venue Manager

    Charlie loves the difference in pace from his day job in a Japanese themed store to an axe-throwing instructor. He enjoys developing a new skill with customers, specifically supporting the shift in self-confidence from "I don't think I'll be any good at this", to "How much are those Game-Changers worth again?"

  • Elysia


    Her other job is teaching... perfect for being a Whistle Punk. Elysia's trick shot of choice is the Backwards Flick and she loves watching every player nail bullseyes.

  • Dan


    Not only an axe-throwing pro, but Dan is also a snowboarding instructor. He loves seeing new players ecstatic faces when they unexpectedly land an axe for the first time.

  • Andrea

    Assistant Venue Manager

    Aside from being a key member of the Manchester team, Andrea is currently studying towards a BSc degree in Psychology and Counselling. She loves seeing player development throughout the session and her favourite throw is the Reverse.