I took the win by a single point! It was epic!

Lauren - axe throwing interview

 Reasons to join the axe throwing league – Part Two

This time we are speaking to Lauren, another league patron, telling us about the highlight of her league experience so far!

What was it that first attracted you to the league?

My partner Matt and I had already been to regular sessions twice before over a six-month period. We’d been with work as part of a team-building day, and we’d come with friends afterwards to show them how much fun it was (and maybe to show off how good we were after coming before). We took a chance that because we’d enjoyed it so much already, that we’d absolutely love the league, and we weren’t disappointed!

What was the highlight of the league for you?

My best throw was during the quarterfinals of the first league we were a part of. It was a close game all the way through. I don’t think there were more than two points separating us at any point. We’d both played two games already and had to play a third one to decide who went through.

It came down to the last axe. My opponent was one point in front, but on her last throw scored a bullseye. This meant she was now six points ahead. I still had my last throw, and the only way I could take the win now was hitting one of the tiny dots in the top corners which are worth seven points. As soon as the axe left my hand I knew it was a good throw. It felt perfect. I landed the axe right in the middle of the seven and took the win by a single point! It was epic!

What were the other league members like and did you make friends?

We’ve talked about this already with some members of the league in the past over drinks. We think it’s brilliant because it attracts so many different types of people. I used to take part in roller derby as a sport and that was similar too. There are members from various walks of life, all friendly, but all share a similar craziness in a way that brings us together through axe throwing.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the league?

I’m sure everyone you talk to will give you this answer but just do it. Don’t wait for six months like we did. Just think about all the axe-throwing you’d be missing out on.

If you could throw an axe into or at any object, what would it be?

Hmmmmm… It must be something that would explode when it got hit. My first thought is a balloon full of glitter, but that wouldn’t be spectacular enough. Maybe a pumpkin dipped in liquid nitrogen because it would shatter into pieces. Or what about a chain reaction that would cause a domino effect and end with a mechanism that throws an axe perfectly into the target. How satisfying would that be?

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Written by Ben Cross

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