Being the league champion is the best feeling!

Check out Matt, one of our winners of the Whistle Punks axe throwing league.

 Reasons to join the axe throwing league – Part Three

This time we’re talking with Matt about his best moments during the league and asking what it felt like to earn the title of Whistle Punks Axe Throwing Champion! He also explains the real reason why he bought his other half a pair of her very own custom throwing axes.

What was it that first attracted you to the league?
Lauren and I  had been a few times before and we’d already thoroughly enjoyed it, although we both wanted to be able to practice axe-throwing more often. Being on the regular sessions is a lot of fun, but it felt like a teaser for something more. I wanted to spend time really honing my skills, because it’s addictive when you first start so you just want to get better and better. It was also a socially driven decision. We were looking for something fun to do on Monday evenings and make new friends in the city. It definitely fits the bill for that.

What was the highlight of the league for you?
Winning! Obviously taking home the axe as the league champion is a great feeling. I won on my last axe and sinking a bullseye! Ian was the runner-up, and if he’d scored a seven, the crown would have been his. It was an incredibly close game all the way through, and everyone was cheering and supporting us at the end. Winning aside, we also go out for beers and pizza after league nights, and we all keep in touch regularly in a WhatsApp group chat. During times when the league hasn’t been on we’ve met up occasionally to do things away from axe-throwing which has been fun too.

I even bought my partner Lauren a pair of her own throwing axes that we’re able to practice with on League nights, although it might have been so I could have a go at throwing them too. It really becomes something that you want to immerse yourself in and keep progressing at.

What were the other league members like and did you make friends?
I think I’ve touched on that a little bit in the last question, but it’s only because all league members become your friends. We’ve all bonded through a mutual love of axe-throwing. It’s a unique sport because there are lots of different personalities from varied backgrounds, and we spend one evening a week competing, catching up and having fun. It’s great. It feels like an alternatively popular sport, and that’s why it attracts so many people.

What piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about joining the league?
You mean besides, just do it? It’s a fun activity, the staff are great and there’s normally beer and pizza afterwards. What more could you want?

If you could throw an axe into or at any object, what would it be?
A clay pigeon flying through the air! To hit that, you’d have to be an axe-throwing superhero. But it would look and feel amazing to hit something moving so quickly, and then have the satisfying smash as it explodes.

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Written by Ben Cross

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