Can we wear fancy dress?

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Yes. Absolutely, yes.
The only thing we ask is that you keep in mind other people will be in the venue and if your fancy dress is causing distress or offence to others we may ask you to remove it.

Is it free to spectate?

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Yes, you’re more than welcome to spectate, you may experience the very real phenomenon of axe envy though. We can only allow over 18’s into the venue, even if they’re just spectating.

Can I give you a call?

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We don’t have phone lines so we are unable to receive calls. If you click on the ‘help’ button on each of our pages our customer service team will be in contact as soon as possible, we are in the office from 9:30 – 17:00.

How long is a session & what do we get?

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As of 26th August, all of our sessions will be changing from 90 mins w/12 players per lane to 70 mins w/10 players per lane. This is to reduce waiting time between throws and increase the number of throws per player. If you have any questions please drop us an email to

Our sessions are run on 5 lanes (4 in Manchester & Birmingham) 12 players per lane, 1 instructor per lane and last 1.5 hours.

During this time we:

  1. Give you a safety briefing and if it’s a mixed group we get you out of your shells and into a sociable, urban axe throwing mood.
  2. We teach you how to sling an axe like a boss, giving group instruction then brief individual coaching to hone your technique.
  3. Then once you’re happily smashing targets we’ll get you straight into a tournament.
  4. We crown the tournament winner and celebrate with everyone else.
  5. At the end of the session we take some awesome photos for you to remember your amazing time throwing axes.

Can I get food and drink at the venue?

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Unfortunately, we don’t sell food at the venues, we only serve good times with a side of competition. We have a small snack bar selling hot & cold soft drinks as well as crisps and other snacks. For our favourite places to eat near the venues please see our blogs on Manchester and London.

Is it good for Stag and Hens?

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Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle? Of course it does and of course axe throwing is the perfect activity for one last day/night of freedom for stags and hens! Please refer to our alcohol policy, we don’t want you to miss out because you’ve had one too many Lambrinis.