We think it’s the most satisfying and social day or night out you’ll ever have. And we’ve tried a few.

You’ll be slinging axes side by side against your friends or colleagues, hitting bullseyes and cheering on your mates. All backed up with great music and atmosphere and a chance to socialise between throws.

Our experienced throwing coaches will get your throwing like a pro in no time. Then once you’ve got the hang of it we’ll take you and your group through a tournament until the king or queen of axes is crowned.

Our sessions are run on 4 lanes, 12 players per lane, 1 instructor per lane and last 1.5 hrs.

The maximum capacity for our Manchester and Birmingham venues is 48 people. Our London venue has 5 lanes and can hold up to 60 people.

During this time we:

  1. Give you a safety briefing and if it’s a mixed group we get you out of your shells and into a sociable, urban axe throwing mood.
  2. We teach you how to sling an axe like a boss, giving group instruction then brief individual coaching to hone your technique.
  3. Then once you’re happily smashing targets we’ll throw you straight into a tournament.
  4. We crown the tournament winner and celebrate with everyone else.

If you require risk assessments & insurance letter please get in touch with Customer service on