A competitive edge is perfect for an office party

Corporate parties getting competitive

We can all agree that office parties aren’t always great. No one wants to be stuck fake smiling their way through awkward team building activities. It’s time to mix it up. Do an activity that will not only inspire team spirit but will also be fun and talked about for months after.

Competition provides a healthy platform from which a team can build and improve relationships between their colleagues and peers. However, competition in the workplace can turn toxic in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s crucial to bring the competition out of the office and into the social field. That way the competition can be motivating without bringing any negative impacts to the office.

Most people enjoy competing against their friends and colleagues in a friendly way. Competition in corporate parties can bring a level of enjoyment to the event that wasn’t there before. Your colleagues will have fun cheering each other on, there is hilarity when the big boss loses at ping pong to the intern and even those that aren’t doing so well still manage to have a great deal of fun.

Competitive socialising is designed so that everyone can pick it up quickly but it still difficult enough to keep people entertained for hours at a time. This adds to the feelings of comradery and helps with motivating your team members. They will feel closer to each other as they fail in similar ways and they will celebrate each other’s successes. Whether it’s ping ping, darts, bowling or axe throwing they all have a skill level accessible enough that you can pick it up quickly and be competing against each other in no time at all.

The uniqueness of activities on offer can also serve as an icebreaker for colleagues who don’t usually talk. They might discuss the account managers spin serve in ping-pong or the way Jack from IT managed to hit the bullseye in axe throwing. The activities get people talking and relationships forming.

The key to any successful business is a happy and motivated team. Competition, especially in a social setting, can go along way to helping build a team that will smash targets. Get your competitive corporate party booked and see the results for yourself.

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