Looking like badasses at our throw down.

Axe throwing is empowering: the reasons our instructors enjoy axe throwing.

As part of our ongoing #throwlikeagirl campaign, where we are trying to reclaim the term to show the world how awesome our instructors and axe throwers are, we spoke to…

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Jesse, throwing an axe down lane.


Ok, we know what you’re thinking. At Whistle Punks we are aware of the general stereotype of an axe thrower. When people hear axe thrower they tend to think of…

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League community

What are the Whistle Punks league players like?

A while ago we interviewed a few of our league players and one of the questions we asked them was ‘What were the other league members like?’ Here are their…

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Whistle Punks venue

Bristol, Whistle Punks is coming!

Whistle Punks is coming to Bristol. This year Whistle Punks is set to open it’s fourth and biggest venue (so far). With six lanes, a bar and a pizza oven,…

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Friends laughing together

5 Reasons to go Axe Throwing for a First Date

You only have one chance for a first date with somebody, unless you are Adam Sandler in 50 First Dates. Many swear by the classic, dinner and a movie, or…

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Jack going through a safety brief at the start of a session

4 reasons why joining a sports league is great for you

In this busy world, many people can forget to take time for themselves and when they do it is usually veging out in front of the telly watching the latest…

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Two handed axe throwing

Infographic: An Epic Festive Day Out

  Find out our top picks for your epic festive day out here.

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Top 6 Christmas Presents for Axe Throwing Enthusiasts

The Christmas Season has begun it’s inevitable approach, bringing with it cold weather, woolly jumpers and red noses. It’s the time of year that you need to start thinking about…

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An Epic Festive Day Out

It’s that time of the year, the festive period is upon us. The days are getting shorter and greyer. Your winter coat has made an appearance and Christmas ads are…

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