We’ve got your Christmas party sorted!

Christmas at Whistle Punks

It’s that time of year again where we start to dread the announcement of the office Christmas party. For most, this means an awkwardly formal meal or a few drinks in the local boozer. Make sure this year is an axe-ception to the rule!

Now is the time to either take on the responsibility of organising the Christmas social or heavily influence the one with the company card to book your pre-game sharpener at Whistle Punks.

Why axe throwing?

Carl from The Store Room Manchester brought his team of 15 in for an afternoon of axe-throwing, friendly competition (which got a little heated) and some incredible trick-shots.
After their afternoon with us had finished, we received the feedback from Carl below, which is well worth a mention!

Axemas with Whistle Punks

‘We had a Fantastic time. No-one on the team had done this activity before so we were not quite sure what to expect. Once we got started and got the hang of the axe throwing technique, after some tips from your staff, everyone really enjoyed themselves and a good atmosphere was created.

We really enjoyed the session! We found it challenging but we liked that there was a competition and that it was not as easy as you might imagine! After the session, the feedback was that it had been fun, and it was good that you were able to spectate and watch your colleagues and cheer them on if you weren’t throwing.

Many said that they would like to have another go as they were just starting to get the hang of the technique! One of our team was even able to get himself onto the Wall of Fame for his points scoring!

Whether you’re looking for something Exclusive, looking to make it a Big Deal or even for your company to become High Rollers for the evening, we’ve absolutely got you covered.


Written by Ben Cross

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